Football Connection Academy
Football Connection Academy

Dear Future Football Connection Junior Academy Player

Football Connection Academy Junior Football Clinic is 1 day per week during the season and does not operate during school or public holidays. There are four separate program periods throughout the year which coincide with each state school term.

All training will be done on the main field located at John Paul College Cec Munns Sports Centre and parents will be notified of which location for each term.

For ease of administration and for clarity of fee structure for the year we have devised flat rate term fee rates.

There is no refund for non-attended program sessions due to individual schedule or matters.
Wet weather procedure: Players/parents will be notified either via email, text or Facebook to whether training is on or not. There is no refund for cancelled training sessions due to wet weather.

Football Connection Academy


The Football Connection Academy believes that by developing in the individual, attitudes of hard work, resilience and self-belief while promoting behaviours of working positively with others, will produce a successful Football Connection Academy player.


Building a positive rapport with all players to deliver the best possible experiences and activities should lead to raising self-esteem and improve performance on & off the field. Each player will be encouraged to develop their technical, tactical, physical, mental and social aspects of the game as they go through the Football Connection Academy Program.

Our Football Program is aimed at an individual development level.  Its aims are to improve individual basic skills such as Passing, Dribbling, Tackling, Controlling the ball and Shooting, in a fun environment, where correct technique, body balance, coordination and happiness is the strong focus.

Training terms & Fees for 2019

Registration Fee $69 (one off fee)
Compulsory Uniform Set (Top, Short, Socks) $79

Other football items and clothing can be purchased at extra cost on our Football Connection Store www.footballconnectionacademy.com.au/store or Facebook Page @ www.facebook.com/FCAcademy11

By Term:      $218.90


20% Discount applies to whole yearly payment – only can be paid in Term 1
10% Discount applies to half-yearly payment – only can be paid in Term 1, 3
10% Discount applies to KSAQ members
*Only apply discount percentage maximum up to 20%
*All fees included GST


Time & Day: 2.00 pm ~ 4 pm on Saturday

(if some parents want to have a session any day during weekdays please let us know – minimum 6 players as a group)

We will be recording session attendance. We are also going to be doing testing and monitoring, so we can see some improvements in skills etc.


Yours in football,


Football Connection Academy